Reviews of past performances

"An emotionally uplifting experience that should be seen by everyone."- THE EUGENE REGISTER-GUARD

"Each characterization was sharply drawn... (VanBoskirk's) warmth and humanity made each personality familiar as a friend." - THE ROSEBURG NEWS-REVIEW

"A solid, intelligent show... There is joy in historical discovery."- THE SAN FRANCISCO EXAMINER

"VanBoskirk, with a mastery of subtle gestures and a wonderfully mobile face easily worth the price of admission, fleshes out a strong, committed woman who is bright and courageous enough for her cause." - THE IDAHO STATESMAN

Audience Reviews

  • "I loved seeing Jane VanBoskirk portray Eleanor Roosevelt! Her portrayal was spot on - funny, poignant, and educational. If you admire Eleanor as much as I do, this is a performance not to be missed." - Rosemary Howe Camozzi
  • "Jane does not merely 'portray' Eleanor - rather, she is able to channel the spirit of one of history's most intriguing women and breathe passionate life into her story. The succinct script and entertaining, post-show Q and A with the great lady herself make for a performance event suitable for all ages and venues." - Mary Blair, Literary Associate and Dramaturg, Portland OR
  • "Jane is a masterful storyteller! She inhabits Eleanor in a deep, honest and complex way. She goes way beyond a surface imitation of Eleanor - but rather seems to transform herself into the real person. And the best part of all, is after the play is over, she takes questions from the audience as Eleanor, and SHE KNOWS IT ALL. Truly extraordinary work!" - Brian Weaver, Artistic Director, Portland Playhouse
  • "Jane VanBoskirk's portrayal of Eleanor Roosevelt was stunning. She convinced us in her eight-year-old self as well as taking us through later stages of Eleanor's life. Her delivery was flawless. The audience felt Eleanor's challenges and betrayals, as well as her triumphs. This was truly an inspired performance." - Mary Chomenko Hinckley, Artist and Producer
  • "Jane Van Boskirk is a talented, powerful actress who completely embodies the amazing Eleanor Roosevelt. Eleanor's passionate dedication to justice and human rights feels even more relevant in today's world. Don't miss it!" - Allen Nause, Past Artistic Director, Artist Repertory Theatre
  • "I love how this story unfolds. You see the seeds of greatness planted in the girl, and how the woman blossoms." - Pauline Peotter, Theater Professor, Angel Fire.
  • "We were worried we wouldn't make it through - not enough Kleenex. It was so moving. Brilliant." - Rosemary and Bob Karr, Trinity Episcopal Cathedral
  • "Between Jane and Sharon, you've got a terrific show for any audience. People were talking about it for days." - Joanna Goff, Producer, Spring Arts and Culture Festival, Blue Mountain Community College.
  • "It was the best program we ever had. We're going to do it again." - Nancy Cutler, Medical Faculty Auxiliary, Oregon Health and Sciences University.
  • "You are really special. This is your ministry." - Julie Emry Dougherty
  • "We were grateful for and moved by the special performance you gave us at Hopewell!"- Joe Ayers